Yes! We’re still here and here are some updates

Yes! We’re still here and here are some updates

First off, we sincerely apologize for not being able to update that much and we do really feel bad that we did not realize sooner that it has been a long time since our last theme released, thus we decided that it is now time to update our products and services.

What’s New?

With the release of WordPress version 3.5 dubbed as “Ervin”, we’re happy to announce that we will be releasing today the version 2.0 of all our themes which comes with important theme improvements, bug fixes, new looks and are now more jammed-packed with necessary and popular features such as typography and colorization manager, easy to use media uploader that is integrated to our new theme option, solid framework and of course they are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

We also update our members area as well to make it more detailed in terms data yet cleaner with less distraction.

No new Themes?

For this announcement, it’s sad to say that there is none as we focused on improving existing themes to go along with the new pricing, however, we’re committed on releasing one or two new themes before the month of December ends.

What’s with the new pricing?

Part of the update is the new pricing. We are now offering an all-access membership of all our themes and plugins for an affordably low as $39 per year so we will be more competitive and more accessible. See Pricing page for more information.

What about the existing customers?

To those who purchased the $35 single theme plan will still be able access the purchased theme with a lifetime support and for those who subscribed the previous $85 membership plan will remain steadfast as a member with now having a lifetime access and support and not just for a year.

What about support?

Providing fast and effective support is still our top priority. With our dedicated helpdesk integrated to our members system for single sign-on, we can ensure a more convenient and much quicker support to our customers.

What’s next?

From here on out, you can expect us to be back on the track with more updates such as theme release in which we are committed to do so.